Happy Christmas, friends! Turns out I'm not disciplined enough to write these every week, who knew?

Maybe the weeknotes title is not the most appropriate, but I'm not sure where they'd live otherwise, so bear with while I think this through 🤔


  • On the wind down for Christmas, I did the Design for Developers course on Frontend Masters and oh my, it's the absolute best! Thoroughly enjoyed it all the way through, so thank you Sarah Drasner
  • Tech Nottingham Secret Santa was great, really enjoyed going round people's doorsteps to drop off presents and wave from afar 🎁
  • Christmas was enjoyable, despite not being able to go see my family 💔
  • After doing exactly one crafty thing, I've gone full Carol and bought a heckton of crafting equipment, so now I'm obvs praying I retain my focus long enough to do at least one more thing 😅


🎮 Assassins Creed Unity (WIP)
🎮 Super Mario 64 (WIP) - this camera control is messed up 😭
🎲 Ticket to Ride
🎲 Bananagrams
🎲 Poetry for Neanderthals


Nothing! 🙈


📺 Star Trek Discovery
📺 The Mandalorian
📺 Jeopardy!
📺 Schitts Creek
📺 His Dark Materials
📺 The Good Place - rewatch 🙈
📽 Home Alone
📽 Ghostbusters
📽 Die Hard
📽 Alien


Dark green and red leopard print mug, with pink writing that says: Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal. Got myself a nice Christmas mug 🎄

Cute little yellow laptop made of clay, and the screen has pink letter that read WiT. My Tech Nottingham Secret Santa made me the loveliest little laptop in my favourite colour 💛

Felt tree ornament of a little green brussel sprout, with a smile and a golden crown. Decided to try some crafting, and I love it! This is my imperfect first child ☝🏼

The big shed, with patterned sheets hung on the walls, some fairy lights, bales of hay as seats, and a metal wood burner in the middle. Thom's family made out the big shed for us to have a corona-safe Christmas Day chat, it even has a homemade wood burner 🥰

The lake shore on a sunny winter day, with lots of swans on the shore. Sunny day walk on Attenborough Nature Reserve ☀️ 🦢